Rube Goldberg – The Sketch Museum

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! Today we are going to talk about my Rube Goldberg Machine Progress. Mainly, the sketch museum, that took place on 2/14.  We finally finished our sketches! They took ”Forever”.

On 2/14, Our Class, 5R, decided to have a sketch museum.  Everybody in the class had to have a drafted sketch by 2/14.  During the time, I, Andrew, and all the other classmates went around viewing other kids sketch’s for there own Rube Goldberg contraptions.

After we analyzed them, we left comments. The comments were to tell the person kind feedback and things they could possibly improve.

When we visited the other persons, we had to see whether it was clear, if it contained step numbers, if you could tell the beginning from the end,and of course if the contraption made sense.

Some of the sketches were curled, so we had to tape them down. We used pencils to adjust the sketches minority, just for any last minute verification.

At the end of the sketch museum, we looked through our comments and thought about them to see if they were accurate. We put them into our science notebook and went on from there.

At the end of the day, all the sketches then got collected, and checked by our teacher. We all hoped for a good grade on them!

That’s it for this post folks!

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