Rocket Presentation Reflection

On November 30th my class had a rocket presentation. We launched rockets and then made a slide show about it. We shared that with parents and that is what I am reflecting about. I was in Rockets Inc and also did an additional presentation before about access information. In my group I had Kevin, Dani and Ben.

There were 5 different rocket launching groups. Rockets Inc, Radical Rockets, Rocket Crushers, Flying Savages and Rampaging Rockets. I am reflecting on the first half of the presentation that included Rocket Inc, Radical Rockets and Rocket Crushers.

First I should tell you about the process before the presentation. First we made a inspiration board to inspire us. We did research, added quotes, pictures and just things we thought would help us on our journey.

Next we had to design our first out of 3 rockets. My group decided to use a skinny body. We also decided to put a styrofoam cone and a paper cone on top of each other to make a nose cone. Then we cut triangle shapes in paper and hot glued them and the nose cone to the body to make a rocket. We did that 3 times for each rocket sometimes adding to it and sometimes taking away. Our first rocket went the highest, second the lowest and third in between.

Next we did a slideshow. We worked hard making the slideshow and rehearsing it, day after day we practiced until it was practically perfect.

Now it was time for the presentation.When we did our presentation, we had our parents there and everybody was pretty nervous. I presented the overview and it was nerve wracking  but fun. Next we were on to the rocket groups. My group went first. We did ok! A bit shaky but ok! We stumbled a little but the audience clapped when we had finished and my group was happy.

We waited a bit while the other groups in my half presented and then our teacher Mrs Edwards gave a speech and we went on with our day.It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget.