My Last Scratch Project

This is my final project. I also did it on Scratch. This is my only project that isn’t a game. It is sort of an animation. It is of a dragon flying past rainbows and clouds. It isn’t to exiting but it might be the most coding I have done. I know, I am not a good coder.

Even though I am not a good coder these four projects have still made me a better coder. I can probably make my own  very simple game if I tried. If I ever do this again I will try to make my own with out following the tutorial. Now on to the game. Here it is!

I know,it’s silly but do you like it? Hope you do!

My third project!

So this is my third project. I decided to make it scratch again because I could customize it more. It is harder to customize with Tynker since it basically does it all for you.

I wanted to do a pong game but I also wanted it to be original and not just  with a ball. I was scrolling through characters when I saw the wizard. It was perfect for a medieval/fantasy pong game.  I couldn’t find a cartoon background but this will do. I thought the wand was all most perfect since it is a line. The only thing wrong with it is that it has electricity that effects the wizard.

Overall I am pretty proud of this game. I customized more than last time and it’s pretty cool. Try it out!

Hoped you liked it!!!!!

My Ignite about me

This is my ignite project. An ignite project is a 20 slide slideshow. The slides have to move on their own after 15 seconds. Since this is our first time doing an ignite it only has 7 slides and is only 90 seconds.

We have to do our ignite about us. At first I didn’t know what to do mine about. Mr Casal started saying that we could do it about a big thing in our life. I thought of the biggest thing in my life. I decided to do mine about my big move from London to Scarsdale.

I was pretty nervous. I don’t have the video but I do have my slideshow.

Hope you enjoyed!!