Capstone #1 Choosing my Capstone Project

The first step in Capstone is choosing our topic. At first I didn’t know what to do but finally I settled on Architecture or libraries. I still didn’t know which on I was going to pick when the deadline of choosing was coming up. I was talking about the possibilities of both topics when I decided libraries would be better.

I decided libraries would be easier because there are more directions I could go in with it. When I chatted with Mrs Edwards we decided libraries overall is to broad  of a topic so I narrowed it down to libraries and how technology is effecting them. I think this is a good subject because I really love reading and technology so his combines them both. I am really excited about my Capstone project and learning all about it!

6 thoughts on “Capstone #1 Choosing my Capstone Project”

  1. I like how you walked us through the proccess of you choosing a topic but I think you could’ve written more about why you did libraries instead of architecture.

  2. I think you explained alot about how you didnt know what to do. I like how you would discribe why you thought libraries was a good choice at first. I am also very exited about our Capstone project as well as seeing how ours will end up like. I thought you did a great job with your 1st Capstone project blog post.

  3. I like how you wrote about your feelings. I think library is an interesting topic because not a lot of people have done it. And also you like reading so I think you will enjoy the topic. Maybe you could say how you thought of library and architecture. Overall I think this blog post is very good.

  4. I enjoyed reading about your topic selection process. I’m excited to learn more about how technology has affected library spaces!

  5. Interesting. I liked how you mildly explained the process of the decision making. it was a short and cozy blog post. The only thing that I recommend is to make the context longer, and more elaborative. Maybe you could have walked the reader through your process of the experience, and included some of your research statistics, and generally why and what you think is revolutionizing, and what apply to you. I would love to hear more about this topic.

  6. You wrote about your process and how you were a little stumped on what to choose. I like the way you explained these things. I also like the way you used the word “settled”. You could of wrote a bit more, but I think you did a good job on what you wrote so far. I like the way you reflected in your ending. Nice job!

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