Capstone #2 Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

For Capstone we needed to choose a main question to answer that is based of our topic. When we were choosing our question we needed to think of a question that can’t just be fixed by yes or no. My main question is: how have libraries adapted to the new era of technology and has it made them better? I think this is a good main question because it goes with my topic witch is libraries and technology and it also will be an interesting question to research. We also needed to have sub questions that would help us answer our main questions.


My sub question are:

  1. How have computers helped efficiency in the library?
  2. How did increased technology affect how (e.g., how often; purposes) people use the library?
  3. How does geography (i.e., urban vs. suburban vs. rural) affect the level of technology in a library?
  4. What are any disadvantages for added technology in libraries?
  5. Have e-books/kindles affected libraries?
  6. How has technology affected librarians (e.g., training, responsibilities)?

Overall I think these questions will help me with my presentation.  


2 thoughts on “Capstone #2 Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions”

  1. It is interesting how the digital era of organization when it comes down to reading books, makes such a difference and impact in the library. The topic really interests me and how the library financially and ethically can survive in the future is a challenge. With the great theme and hook, the one thing is that their wasn’t that much explanation and detail. That would make it better. It was really great!

  2. I agree with astrovink25, you should add more and make it more detailed. In your last post, you talked about coming up with your topic. So, you can now talk about how you came up with your main inquiry question. On the other hand, I like how you added your sub questions. Just add more, and that will make it even better!

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