Ellis Island Trip

In 5th Grade we were studying immigration. Since it was such a big unit we went on a trip to Ellis Island. Even though that unit is over, I still learned a lot of new,cool, facts.

I think it was a really good learning experience because we got to know more about what we were studying and we actually got to experience what the immigrants experienced. It also helped us understand Ellis Island from a whole knew view and not just blurry, black and white pictures.

My favorite part was the tour. A man took us through the baggage room and “Great Hall” and showed us some of the tests they would of done. I liked this because it was funny seeing some answers but interesting at the same time.

My least favorite part was the movie. I didn’t like it because most of the facts I already knew and I didn’t really like the story.

Overall I liked this trip. It wasn’t the best trip (we did have to wake up at 6:30) but it was really enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Ellis Island Trip”

  1. I like how you told us why you went to Ellis Island, I also like how you explained why you liked the trip, you reflected your ideas and told us about the trip. Grat job!

  2. Great job!! I liked how you explained why you went to Ellis island.i also loved that you explained a lot about Why you liked the trip,and told us what you did at Ellis Island

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