Capstone #4(a) My interview

For Capstone we had to do an interview related to our topic. I decided to do two interviews. One was with Westport makerspace librarian, Margret Pastel, and the other was with Eileen Corbett, a Scarsdale children’s librarian. Today i’m going to be focusing on Margret Pastel.

I was really nervous about this interview because it was my first and it was in person so I couldn’t hide behind the camera. Unfortunately there was a lot of traffic so when we got there we were an hour late. When we got there she gave me a mini tour of the makerspace lab. We saw somethings they had made in the makerspace and we also saw 4 3d printers, and two of those were working. This eased my nervousness a little but I was still really nervous when it was time for the interview.

Here were the interview Question I asked:

  1. Does your job only concentrate on books or has it gone into technology?
  2. How has technology affected being a librarian (training/responsibilities)?
  3. How has technology affected how often people visit the library?
  4. How has technology affected why people visit the library?
  5. What do you think of electronic reading devices?
  6. How does where a library is located geographically (i.e., urban vs. suburban vs rural) affect the amount/level of technology in a library?
  7. How have computers helped efficiency in the library?
  8. What are the main advantages of increased technology in libraries?
  9. What are the main disadvantages of increased technology in libraries?
  10. How do you personally feel about added technology in libraries?

I got less nervous as the interview went on but it was still nerve-racking when she asked me a question. I gathered a lot of information from this interview and I was really happy about it. If I was to do this interview again I would try to be louder and confident. Here is a picture of me:

One thought on “Capstone #4(a) My interview”

  1. Again, you give a little background information, which I think is great! You talked about you’re feelings, which helped me, as a reader, understand your thoughts and what the interview was like in your point of view. Your ending reflects on what you could of done better, which I thought was a great ending. Overall, awesome job!

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