Capstone#4(b) Interview

For my second interview I went to the local public library. Here I interviewed Scarsdale children’s public librarian Eileen Corbett. This time I wasn’t as nervous as last time because it was my second one and thankfully I wasn’t late. I thought this interview was much easier because I had already done it before so I knew what was coming.

My interview questions were the same as last time but if you don’t remember they were:

  1. Does your job only concentrate on books or has it gone into technology?
  2. How has technology affected being a librarian (training/responsibilities)?
  3. How has technology affected how often people visit the library?
  4. How has technology affected why people visit the library?
  5. What do you think of electronic reading devices?
  6. How does where a library is located geographically (i.e., urban vs. suburban vs rural) affect the amount/level of technology in a library?
  7. How have computers helped efficiency in the library?
  8. What are the main advantages of increased technology in libraries?
  9. What are the main disadvantages of increased technology in libraries?
  10. How do you personally feel about added technology in libraries?

Some of the answers that she said to my questions were surprising and different to my interview with Mageret Pastel but I thought this was a really good interview.


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