Capstone #6 Working on the final product

While working on our final project we had lots of ups and downs. This blog post is about them.

First, let’s talk about the first step. Picking an Ignite or a TED Talk. At first I wasn’t sure what to do because I wanted mine to be easy like an Ignite but also I wanted to control it more like a TED Talk. Eventually I chose a TED Talk because I had more to write and I liked the control better.

After we had chosen whether are presentation is a Ignite or TED Talk we had to write our script. This was hard because at first my script was only 2 minutes and it needed to be at least 3. I started adding a lot but it still wasn’t 3 minutes. Eventually after a lot of editing I made it a bit over 3 minutes. This process was hard because we had little time but a lot of work.

Then we had to make the slide show. This was quite easy because all we had to do was find pictures that match our slides. I think this was one of the easiest parts of the process.

Finally on to the practicing. I found this hard because I am not very good at memorizing. Eventually after along time I memorized it. We also had to perform in front of the class for practice. On the first time I was really nervous because I was worried I might forget something but on the second time I wasn’t nervous at all.

I think this was a really cool capstone experience. I can’t wait to perform in front of our parents.

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