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My Ignite about me

This is my ignite project. An ignite project is a 20 slide slideshow. The slides have to move on their own after 15 seconds. Since this is our first time doing an ignite it only has 7 slides and is only 90 seconds.

We have to do our ignite about us. At first I didn’t know what to do mine about. Mr Casal started saying that we could do it about a big thing in our life. I thought of the biggest thing in my life. I decided to do mine about my big move from London to Scarsdale.

I was pretty nervous. I don’t have the video but I do have my slideshow.

Hope you enjoyed!!

Should we be more focused on under water exploration or space exploration debate

When we started we had to pick a debate project. My group (Caitlyn, Kevin, Sam and I) was the first picked and we chose should we be more focused on underwater exploration or space exploration?

We focused on researching. At first I thought we should explore underwater. I soon changed my mind. When we started to prepare for our first debate everybody wanted to be on space side. Sam wasn’t there so we all researched space.

When we started practicing debating we switched around a lot though Sam was always on oceans side. When it came to our first finale debate it was me and Caitlyn against Kevin and Sam.

The first time we debated there wasn’t a camera so we don’t have a video. Some of our feedback was be louder, be more passionate, your first reason doesn’t make sense, more rebuttals etc.

We had a lot to work on…

Since some of our feedback was we needed better rebuttals we did some research. It took a lot of time but eventually we had better rebuttals for all of their reasons.

We only had time to practice once and it didn’t go well. We kept getting distracted and we didn’t even finish.

Here is our debate-

I think I was a little nervous and also fiddled a lot. Also Sam had done his first two reasons before we did our first. Overall I think it was a success!

Almost Summary

In A to Z myst.ery the school skeleton Dink finds out that the school skeleton is missing from the nurse’s office when he goes in for a paper cut. Mr. Dillon makes an announcement that whoever finds the school skeleton first, their class gets free tickets to the aquarium.

Dink talkes to Ruth Rose and Josh about how there was a sneaker footprint under the skeleton in powder. They made letters to everyone it could be and no ones foot fit the footprint. When they waked past there lockers they saw another powdered footprint in between Dink’ and Joshes lockers. Dink looks in sides his locker and finds nothing strange then Josh looked in his locker and finds a piece of paper of a skeleton with a 2 on it’s forehead and a key.

Josh hands it to Ruth Rose and she discovers that if you place the key insight spot it says key 2 skeleton. They go down to the custodian’s office and he says he hasn’t seen the key before and its a copy. Soon lots of people are there with the same picture and key as them.

Who do you think will solve the mystery and get the class trip to the aquarium?