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Our first Rube Goldberg meeting

Before even our first meeting as a group we learned who Rube Goldberg was.  We learned he was a cartoonist who drew crazy machines to do simple tasks such as brushing your teeth. Than we watched some videos about Rube Goldberg machines. Finally it was time to pick who we wanted to work with. My partners are Hana, Barbara and Caitlyn.

For our first meeting we met at Hana’s house. We worked in her basement, and got to work. We started building a step. It was a wooden marble track. We decided to connect it to a little car track for the marble to go through. Then we decided to add dominoes so the marble hit them, they fell and it hit another marble. Unfortunately that didn’t work and we had to scrap the idea. We also tried to use magna-tile-like magnets for a step but it kept falling down so we couldn’t use that idea.

After a while our moms picked us up and we left, thinking of what to do next time.