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My Ignite about me

This is my ignite project. An ignite project is a 20 slide slideshow. The slides have to move on their own after 15 seconds. Since this is our first time doing an ignite it only has 7 slides and is only 90 seconds.

We have to do our ignite about us. At first I didn’t know what to do mine about. Mr Casal started saying that we could do it about a big thing in our life. I thought of the biggest thing in my life. I decided to do mine about my big move from London to Scarsdale.

I was pretty nervous. I don’t have the video but I do have my slideshow.

Hope you enjoyed!!

My first project!

This is my first project on Tynker. It is quite simple and easy but I still like it.  I followed the tutorial so it was pretty easy as the tutorial had every step and I just had to follow them.  I used the original characters and back round to make it easier and so I didn’t really have to make it a different theme even though I probably could have.

Next project I will probably try to make my project more complex and fun. I will also probably use scratch instead so I have a verity of projects and I don’t have to worry about not doing a scratch project at the last minute. I also will try to do one every week since it is due soon.

If you click the characters it resets their dance moves!

I hope you enjoy my project!