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My Last Scratch Project

This is my final project. I also did it on Scratch. This is my only project that isn’t a game. It is sort of an animation. It is of a dragon flying past rainbows and clouds. It isn’t to exiting but it might be the most coding I have done. I know, I am not a good coder.

Even though I am not a good coder these four projects have still made me a better coder. I can probably make my own  very simple game if I tried. If I ever do this again I will try to make my own with out following the tutorial. Now on to the game. Here it is!

I know,it’s silly but do you like it? Hope you do!

My third project!

So this is my third project. I decided to make it scratch again because I could customize it more. It is harder to customize with Tynker since it basically does it all for you.

I wanted to do a pong game but I also wanted it to be original and not just  with a ball. I was scrolling through characters when I saw the wizard. It was perfect for a medieval/fantasy pong game.  I couldn’t find a cartoon background but this will do. I thought the wand was all most perfect since it is a line. The only thing wrong with it is that it has electricity that effects the wizard.

Overall I am pretty proud of this game. I customized more than last time and it’s pretty cool. Try it out!

Hoped you liked it!!!!!

My second project

This is my second project. This time my project is on Scratch so it is a little different. I customized it a bit after completing the tutorial so it was different. I made the back round change when you click it. If you click the person it will say “Hi I am Jackie and I love dress up.”  It will also make the pieces of clothing say what they are when you click them. The shirt, you learned how to changed its color in the tutorial so I didn’t change that.

It’s a bit more complex then the first project since I added things but I can still improve. Since I have two more projects to do I will probably do two more scratch since I can get more creative with the tutorial. Overall I think it was a good project but I can do better still.

Here is my second project-


I hope you like it!!!!

Rube Goldberg #6

Now we were at Caitlyn’s house. It was good because we got another time to meet before the project was due but bad because we had to rebuild most of the Rube Goldberg project.

We did and we used finished the project by using plastic water bottles and toilet paper to finish it up. Finally we could start filming. It was frustrating because it usually failed at the domino part so we had to rebuild them over and over again.

We finally got a success! except it wasn’t a very good video so we decided to film another success. A few tries later and we had done it. Barbara wasn’t here because she was sick but she did the editing. Our Rube Goldberg was done!

Here is my video:

Hope you enjoyed!



Rube Goldberg #5

We had almost finished building the project. It was frustrating since all the dominoes kept falling down but we did it. Almost. It was at a corner and we didn’t know what to do. Barbara and I had to go soon so Hana said she would finish it.

We had already done a lot. A marble will go down a PVC pipe which will fall down a wooden marble track set which will send the marble down the plastic tracks knocking into a domino trail that  hits a train that goes down train tracks to hit a bottle of something.

We had reached that far with building, on our plan it said the bottle hit toilet paper that hit another bottle that hit a container of candy which dumps the candy in the jar of candy. Hana promised she would try to film it but I was still worried.


Rube Goldberg #4

After planning we had to start building. We had already built a lot so we started adding. Then Hana’s dad came and said maybe we should put all the steps onto boxes. We followed the advice but that meant we had to start rebuilding.

So we started rebuilding again. This time it was harder because it meant we had to stack boxes so they were equal to each other. It was not exactly equal so we stacked mini plastic coins on top of each other to make it even. It was hard but eventually we had made a lot of progress.

We started thinking about a zipline again but we didn’t know how to do it without taking the paint off the wall. We tried using a cardboard box but it kept falling over when we let the thing go down. We again we knew it would be very hard to do so we just gave up on the idea.

1: ¿Qué nuevo vocabulario usaste?





-educación física



2: ¿Qué nuevas preguntas usaste?

¿A qué hora vas a Heathcote?

-¿A qué hora es la clase de inglés?

¿A qué hora es la clase de matemáticas?


3: How would you grade your work on this Screencast? (sobresaliente = A) (notable = B)


B because I am not that good with spanish pronunciation


4: After listening to your screencast what words do you feel you could have practiced more? Quiero practicar las palabras ………



educación física



5: How could you use this new vocabulary outside of Spanish class?


If I go to spain I can ask people the time and know how to say it,