Identity Bags and Identity Maps

Recently, my class did Identity Maps and Identity Bags. Identity Bags are bags where you put five to eight items that tell something about you and your identity. Identity Maps are a piece of paper where you write and draw things that you like or that shows something about your identity. You can also put a big picture in the middle of the paper that shows a really big part of your identity.

These things were both very fun and interesting. I learned things about myself that forgot about. For example, I know that I love dogs and cats, but I realized my love for a lot of other animals too. I also learned a lot of things about my classmates that I would never guess was their identity. For example I learned where all my classmates used to live, and their nationality. Overall, it was a really great experience.

King George, What Was His Problem

In school we have been reading “King George, What Was His Problem.” I like it because it teaches me a lot about the American Revolution, but also adds a little humor to it as well. The book makes me think about if all of these big and little events in the American Revolution didn’t happen, then nothing would be the same. A question that I have is that why did some of the soldiers of the Continental Army leave the army in the beginning, just because they were losing the war. If they had kept fighting, then maybe the Continental Army might have won the war quicker.

American Revolution Political Cartoon

This is a political cartoon about The Midnight Ride, but Paul Revere stops to eat a snack while British soldiers pass him, therefore it is called “The Midnight Snack”.

I choose to do my political cartoon about this because I thought of all of the major events of the American Revolution and I chose The Midnight Ride. Then I thought about how I could add some humor to it, I came up with “The Midnight Snack”. I am doing this project in the perspective of a loyalist so I showed how Paul Revere did a bad job. This is what I came up with.


Colony Reflection

When I created a colony poster, I learned not to use very many words, and that each person in the colony has something different to say about it, depending on what job they have. When I  made my colony, I learned to work together and listen to everyone else’s ideas, since we worked in a group. I also learned that since I was working on the Southern colony, my group and I needed to include things that you would’ve found in the Southern colonies. My poster connects to my colony because I mention that we have very successful crops, and we put lots of crops on the colony. Also, I mention cotton tobacco and corn, and in my colony, we put lots of those crops on it.

Southern colony poster in a plantation owner’s perspective.

Final Wonder Reflection

After finishing the book “Wonder,” one thing that I’m holding onto and going to remember is that sometimes things can happen that you’re not expecting to happen. You may think that you can’t possibly get an award, but then, you get the best award! Always believe it’s possible because it is, if you try hard enough.

Charlie’s Wish

I think Charlie’s wish is for her family not to be so broken up. Her dad’s in jail and her mom isn’t taking care of her so she had to move to Colby to live with her aunt and uncle. I think this because because Charlie said that she wishes for the same thing every time, and her family has been broken up for a long time. She keeps on wishing for the same thing because her family is still broken up.

Explorer Infographic

I made an infographic about an explorer. My explorer is Leif Eriksson. In this project, I had to gather facts about Leif Eriksson on a padlet. Then, I had to take that information and put it into an infographic. An infographic is a way to show information in pictures too. It took a lot of editing, but it was really fun. An infographic is a way to show information in pictures too.

Here it is…