Penny Dreadful

The book I recommend is “Penny Dreadful” by Laurel Snyder.

In the book, Penny Dreadful by Laurel Snyder, Penny, her mom and dad live in a mansion in NY. But Penny is extremely bored there. One day Penny’s dad came home and said that he quit his job. They no longer can afford the mansion so they move to Tennessee. Penny’s family realizes there are tenants in the same house that they moved to and they can’t afford this house either if her parents don’t get a job. Penny goes to look in Black Rabbit caves for treasure. She finds a treasure chest, but when she gets home and looks inside it there are only a bunch of old bottles. If Penny’s family gets some money, will it be enough to save them? I think this is a really great book that will keep you reading and wondering what will happen next. I think you’ll really enjoy it!



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