My Expert Book – 3L

This is my expert book about cats. I chose this topic because I have a cat at home so I know a lot about them.

I had to think about what I do for my cat, and what he likes and doesn’t like. Then I had to make my chapters. When I was done making my chapters, I started writing them. I thought about the facts that I needed to know to care for my cat. I figured out a way to put them into my book. For my pictures, I found pictures that matched my writing. I wrote captions that matched my pictures.

I enjoyed putting all I knew about cats into my book and finding really cute pictures! What was challenging was writing detailed captions.

I hope you learn a lot about cats from my book and that you enjoy reading it!

5 thoughts on “My Expert Book – 3L

  1. Well done, Alice!

    I very much enjoyed learning about cats. You covered it all and really captured the funny aspects of being and owning a cat.

    Love, Dave

  2. Alice: I learned so much about cats that I didn’t know. Also, pros and cons are two of my favorite words and I am glad you used them. Keep enjoying your cat. Well done! – Sameer

  3. I thought I knew a lot about cats but you taught me even more! One of my favorite parts of your book was the photo choices and the captions that went with the photos. I also thought it was very organized. Great job!
    Aaron’s Mom, Deb

  4. Wow, great work. I always wanted a cat, so now I know more. I loved the, “Meaning of meow” chapter because, well, it tells you all the meanings of meow! Love it!

  5. Your book was great because I did not know you should not completely ignore cats. I liked the part where you talked about a cat’s body because the cat’s body is very cool. AWESOME!

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