Maglev Post #1

A maglev train is a train that “floats” or levitates. This is possible because if you face two like poles towards each other that causes them to repel. Therefor, the magnet on the top, levitates. My group’s idea was that we could put three strip magnets on the track, and a disc magnet on each corner of the train.

What I did today that worked was that the train levitated above the tracks. This means that the magnets were facing each other the right way. What I did today that failed was that when I gave the train a little tap, it moved a little bit, but then stopped. We need to find a way to get the train all the way across the track.


My experience working with my group was good. We all did a great job of taking our turns of sharing our ideas.What was challenging for my group was agreeing on our final idea. Eventually, we came up with our idea. Overall, I think my group did a good job!

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