Teatown Reflection

What I liked most about Teatown was the sand table because I liked playing with the sand. Also because it was cool that the higher you put the sand, the more colors it changed. I also liked that when you put your hand over the sand table, blue color appears on the sand, acting as water. 🙂

Land and water are connected because all the chemicals that people use on land, when it rains, all the chemicals run off into the ocean, lakes and rivers 🙁 . For example, oil leakage from car accidents and oil from factories. Another way land and water are connected is because when trees are pulled up, the dirt is scattered on the ground. When it rains the dirt gets in bodies of water.

I think each group should spend a little bit of time at each lake or pond. That way, if one body of water is more interesting than another one, everyone gets a chance to see it. I also think that kids should get to do more interactive things when you look at the lake or pond.

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