I have been learning a lot about rocketry this year so far. It is really fun but it’s also a little hard to agree and work with your team. I learned things from what makes the rocket go high, to what makes the rocket too heavy to go really high. For example, before I started rocketry I had no idea what would make the rocket go highest. But now I know to put fins so that the air can slide off the rocket and not slow it down. I learned lots of other things too.

When my group started our inspiration board, we disagreed a lot. We kept deleting pictures that other people put on the google drawing. When we started to print out the pictures and quotes and other things, there wasn’t enough to fill the paper. It really inspired me while I was looking for more quotes because I kept reading them. So that encouraged me to keep trying and to keep looking. We finished our inspiration board and I’m really proud of how it turned out. Then we started making our first rocket design. We included a very pointy nose cone so that it can slice through the air. There is also a thin body so that it is lighter. The fins are at the bottom of the rocket and are slanted so that the air slides off the rocket.

I’m really looking forward to actually building our first rocket. Although I don’t know what we will build it out of yet. I’m also looking forward to our first rocket launch. I think it will go pretty high because our 1st rocket model design looks good and it looks like if we make that rocket, then it will go high. I’m also looking forward to our last rocket design and what that will look like after we have learned what makes the rocket go highest. Overall, I’m basically looking forward to the whole unit.

My class.

Identity Bags and Identity Maps

Recently, my class did Identity Maps and Identity Bags. Identity Bags are bags where you put five to eight items that tell something about you and your identity. Identity Maps are a piece of paper where you write and draw things that you like or that shows something about your identity. You can also put a big picture in the middle of the paper that shows a really big part of your identity.

These things were both very fun and interesting. I learned things about myself that forgot about. For example, I know that I love dogs and cats, but I realized my love for a lot of other animals too. I also learned a lot of things about my classmates that I would never guess was their identity. For example I learned where all my classmates used to live, and their nationality. Overall, it was a really great experience.