Final Reflection

We are at the end of our rocketry unit. All that’s left is the slideshow which we have to do in front of parents. It has been a really fun experience and I have learned a lot. But even still, I am happy that it’s almost over because working with my group was really hard. I still liked doing rocketry a lot even though I didn’t like working as a team as much.


I learned so much about rocketry, rockets, and the process of it all. First, I learned about the engineering design process, and how you have to go through all the steps, get your final result, and start all over again! I also learned about rocketry and about thrust, lift, weight, and drag. I learned that in a group, you have to compromise. I learned about how in a slideshow you can’t put too many words on a page. I learned so many things, I can’t even list them all.


What I enjoyed the most is basically the whole unit and launching the rockets. Therefore, my favorite phase is the launch phase because you get to go outside and launch your rocket. The thing I enjoyed the least is the group working part because it is hard to agree on what everyone wants to do. Also, sometimes people mess around and you don’t get any work done. My least favorite phase was the design phase because all you do is make a drawing of what you want your rocket to look like. Overall, it was a really fun experience.

My group.

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