Martin Luther King Jr.

This coming Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day, it celebrates him as a person and his many achievements in life. In school, we learned all about Martin Luther King Jr. and his achievements in life. I made a timeline with all the important dates and events in his lifetime. It includes events from the dates of January 15, 1929 to April 9, 1968. This is it:

Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline

Date Event
January 15, 1929 BORN

Martin Luther King Jr, was born in Atlanta, GA

September 20, 1944 COLLEGE

Martin Luther King Jr, enrolls at Morehouse College

February 25, 1948 ASSISTANT PASTOR

Martin Luther King Jr, becomes an assistant pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, his father’s church


Martin Luther King Jr, graduates from Morehouse College with a bachelor’s degree in sociology

September 14, 1948 CROZER

Martin Luther King Jr, enters Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, PA

January, 1958 CORETTA SCOTT

Martin Luther King Jr, meets Coretta Scott in Boston

June 18, 1953 MARRIAGE

Martin Luther King Jr, gets married to Coretta Scott near Marion, Ala

December 5, 1955 PRESIDENT

Martin Luther King Jr is named president of the Montgomery Improvement Association

January 30, 1956 BOMBED

Martin Luther King Jr’s home was bombed, no one was harmed

February 18, 1957 TIME

Martin Luther King Jr, appears on the cover on the Time Magazine

May 17, 1957 SPEECH

Martin Luther King Jr, delivers his first national address, “Give Us the Ballot”

September 20, 1958 STABBED

Martin Luther King Jr, is stabbed at a book signing with a letter opener by a mentally ill woman but he lived

February 1, 1960 MOVES

Martin Luther King Jr, moves to Atlanta to focus on the civil rights struggle

October 19, 1960 ARRESTED

Martin Luther King Jr, is arrested at a sit-in demonstration at a department store


December 16, 1961 ARRESTED

Martin Luther King Jr, and many others were arrested in a desegregation campaign

April 16, 1963 LETTER

Martin Luther King Jr, after being arrested wrote his famous Letter From a Birmingham

August 28, 1963 SPEECH

Martin Luther King Jr, gave his “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial

December 10, 1964 PRIZE

Martin Luther King Jr, wins the Nobel Peace Prize

August 12, 1965 SPEECH

Martin Luther King Jr, leads civil rights marchers from Selma to Montgomery

January 26, 1966 MOVES

Martin Luther King Jr, moves to a Chicago apartment to demand better housing and education

December 4, 1967 PLANS

Martin Luther King Jr, unveils plans for a Poor People’s Campaign

March 23, 1968 MARCH

Martin Luther King Jr, leads 6,00 people in support of striking sanitation workers in Memphis. It ends in violence and looting

April 3, 1968 SPEECH

Martin Luther King delivers his final speech “I’ve been to the Mountaintop”

April 4, 1968 DEATH

Martin Luther King Jr, was shot and killed on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel

April 9, 1968 BURIAL

Martin Luther King Jr, was buried in Atlanta


Martin Luther King has achieved many things, and done many speeches. He delivered the “I Have a Dream” speech. It is a very motivational speech, it really made a big impact on those who wanted segregation. Think about it, if Martin Luther King Jr. hadn’t stood up for civil rights, had he not spoken out, things just might be the same now as they were back then. In his speech, Martin Luther King Jr, said “all men are created equal,” thanks to him, there are.

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  1. I never knew all of those things about Martin Luther king Jr. I thought it was great how you put together a timeline to show his whole life.

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