King George, What Was His Problem

In school we have been reading “King George, What Was His Problem.” I like it because it teaches me a lot about the American Revolution, but also adds a little humor to it as well. The book makes me think about if all of these big and little events in the American Revolution didn’t happen, then nothing would be the same. A question that I have is that why did some of the soldiers of the Continental Army leave the army in the beginning, just because they were losing the war. If they had kept fighting, then maybe the Continental Army might have won the war quicker.

Final Wonder Reflection

After finishing the book “Wonder,” one thing that I’m holding onto and going to remember is that sometimes things can happen that you’re not expecting to happen. You may think that you can’t possibly get an award, but then, you get the best award! Always believe it’s possible because it is, if you try hard enough.

Charlie’s Wish

I think Charlie’s wish is for her family not to be so broken up. Her dad’s in jail and her mom isn’t taking care of her so she had to move to Colby to live with her aunt and uncle. I think this because because Charlie said that she wishes for the same thing every time, and her family has been broken up for a long time. She keeps on wishing for the same thing because her family is still broken up.

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – #3

This Read Aloud Reflection  is the 3rd in a series of posts about the book Wonder.


Halloween is a positive thing for Auggie because everyone wears a mask. This way, nobody can judge you by the way you look. The people who see you can get to know you first. But when Auggie starts to put on his costume, he suddenly feels like he doesn’t want to wear it anymore. I think that ever since Summer told him that she thinks her costume is too dorky, Auggie has been thinking about the bad things about his costume. His costume still smells like paint, it is hard to put on, and his mom had to fix the costume into looking like Boba Fett since there weren’t any in the store. 🙁

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – #2

This Read Aloud Reflection in the 2nd in a series of post about the book Wonder.


A precept is a rule about a really important thing. My precept is, “If you have hope, there’s no room for hate.”

I think Auggie was getting put down by Julian. He was losing hope after he said that comment about Darth Cidius. But, at lunch, when Summer came and sat with him, he felt a lot better. I think Auggie does not want to tell his parents about Julian’s mean comment because then they might consider taking him out of school. He does not want to leave school because he just met Summer, and he wants to be friends with her. 🙂

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – #1

This Read Aloud Reflection is the 1st in a series of posts about the book Wonder.


I think is Wonder pretty good so far. Auggie is touring the school and is realizing some of the traits of some of the other students. Jack Will is kind of nice to him. He is telling him to not pay attention to Julian. Julian is not being nice to Auggie. He is asking Auggie what happened to his face. I think Julian is treatened by Auggie. That’s why Julian is being so mean to him. Charlotte is trying to welcome Auggie and be friendly to him. But I don’t think it’s working because she keeps talking about herself.

Book Recomendation

Book: The CandyMakers and The Great Chocolate Chase

Series: The CandyMakers

Author: Wendy Mass

Recommended by: Alice Nicassio

Can you imagine living in a candy factory and going on a trip where you have to find a type of chocolate no one will tell you where it is? In the Great Chocolate Chase, by Wendy Mass, four kids have to do exactly that! Logan lives in a candy factory and recently helped Philip make the Harmonicandy. He is on the chocolate chase. Daisy is a spy, she helped with the Harmonicandy too, but Logan, Philip and Miles know she is a spy. She is also on the chocolate chase. Philip is in a rich family and loves winning, he is the person who originally came up with the Harmonicandy. He is also in the chocolate chase. Miles is a regular boy who loves nature and learning things and he helped with the Harmonicandy too. Miles is also on the chocolate chase. These kids go on a road trip to find a certain type of chocolate that they used for the original Harmonicandy. Will they find it? Will they be able to successfully launch Harmonicandy into stores? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out!

Research Projects

In reading, we have been studying how to research. My group studied snakes. We came up with subtopics which were habitat, body parts, defense and prey. To make our research easier and more organized, we put our books in order from easiest to hardest. To find our subtopics, we looked in the books to see what topics appeared the most. Those were our subtopics. I learned to not completely copy what we saw in the book, and that I should write down my own ideas based on what I was reading. When we got all our information, we made a animal comic book! I put in some of the research from each subtopic. Then I found pictures, and made captions for them. The pictures all had snakes in them, so I made the snakes saying a fact that relates to the caption and the picture.


After this project, I took everything I leaned about research and used that in my country research project. I wanted to study Brazil, but I knew nothing about it so I needed a lot of research! To find research, I went to the library databases and did a google search at home. I found research that fit into the categories of the cultural universals which are Politics, Social Aspects, Economy, Beliefs and Cultural Arts. I put it all together to make it into a Comic Tour Guide Book titled The Cultural Universals of Brazil. My favorite part was learning about Brazil and putting it into a book in a fun way. The challenging part was organizing the pictures and captions into a good format.

Penny Dreadful

The book I recommend is “Penny Dreadful” by Laurel Snyder.

In the book, Penny Dreadful by Laurel Snyder, Penny, her mom and dad live in a mansion in NY. But Penny is extremely bored there. One day Penny’s dad came home and said that he quit his job. They no longer can afford the mansion so they move to Tennessee. Penny’s family realizes there are tenants in the same house that they moved to and they can’t afford this house either if her parents don’t get a job. Penny goes to look in Black Rabbit caves for treasure. She finds a treasure chest, but when she gets home and looks inside it there are only a bunch of old bottles. If Penny’s family gets some money, will it be enough to save them? I think this is a really great book that will keep you reading and wondering what will happen next. I think you’ll really enjoy it!