Launching/Graphing Rocket #1

After we made our rocket, it was time to launch. Then we had to graph the results. In this blog post I will be telling you all about our 1st launch, and graphing our 1st launch. It was really fun watching our rocket shoot into the sky, but before that happened, there was a mishap that you will learn about right now…

When we launched our rocket, the nose cone blew off! It went pretty high, but the rocket body didn’t budge. This was because we wrapped the nose cone in tinfoil so when we glued it on we only glued the tinfoil on, not the paper inside. So, the paper ripped through the nose cone. We went back to the classroom with our Aide, Mrs. Clemente, and taped it back on with lots of tape. After we did this it went really high!

One other team had to patch theirs up too, but the rest of the teams’ rockets went well. I was the rocket placer and a pumper. I wanted to be the countdown master, and retriever, but my jobs were still okay. I also think that I was accurate with the clinometer. Our team collaborated well and we all worked together to fix our rocket.

After we taped our nose cone back on and launched it again, it went 46.5 meters. Then, when we converted it into feet, it was 153 feet. It was the second highest. The highest went 192 feet.

I think that our rocket did really well, but I also think that we can do better. For our second rocket, we are going to change the body to the thicker tube because there is the same amount of air pressure, but more air inside the rocket. This will hopefully make our 2nd rocket go higher. Our team collaboration during this was good, but we had a little trouble deciding whose graph we would use. Overall, I think that it was really fun.