Colony Reflection

When I created a colony poster, I learned not to use very many words, and that each person in the colony has something different to say about it, depending on what job they have. When I  made my colony, I learned to work together and listen to everyone else’s ideas, since we worked in a group. I also learned that since I was working on the Southern colony, my group and I needed to include things that you would’ve found in the Southern colonies. My poster connects to my colony because I mention that we have very successful crops, and we put lots of crops on the colony. Also, I mention cotton tobacco and corn, and in my colony, we put lots of those crops on it.

Southern colony poster in a plantation owner’s perspective.

Teatown Reflection

What I liked most about Teatown was the sand table because I liked playing with the sand. Also because it was cool that the higher you put the sand, the more colors it changed. I also liked that when you put your hand over the sand table, blue color appears on the sand, acting as water. 🙂

Land and water are connected because all the chemicals that people use on land, when it rains, all the chemicals run off into the ocean, lakes and rivers 🙁 . For example, oil leakage from car accidents and oil from factories. Another way land and water are connected is because when trees are pulled up, the dirt is scattered on the ground. When it rains the dirt gets in bodies of water.

I think each group should spend a little bit of time at each lake or pond. That way, if one body of water is more interesting than another one, everyone gets a chance to see it. I also think that kids should get to do more interactive things when you look at the lake or pond.

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – #3

This Read Aloud Reflection  is the 3rd in a series of posts about the book Wonder.


Halloween is a positive thing for Auggie because everyone wears a mask. This way, nobody can judge you by the way you look. The people who see you can get to know you first. But when Auggie starts to put on his costume, he suddenly feels like he doesn’t want to wear it anymore. I think that ever since Summer told him that she thinks her costume is too dorky, Auggie has been thinking about the bad things about his costume. His costume still smells like paint, it is hard to put on, and his mom had to fix the costume into looking like Boba Fett since there weren’t any in the store. 🙁

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – #2

This Read Aloud Reflection in the 2nd in a series of post about the book Wonder.


A precept is a rule about a really important thing. My precept is, “If you have hope, there’s no room for hate.”

I think Auggie was getting put down by Julian. He was losing hope after he said that comment about Darth Cidius. But, at lunch, when Summer came and sat with him, he felt a lot better. I think Auggie does not want to tell his parents about Julian’s mean comment because then they might consider taking him out of school. He does not want to leave school because he just met Summer, and he wants to be friends with her. 🙂

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – #1

This Read Aloud Reflection is the 1st in a series of posts about the book Wonder.


I think is Wonder pretty good so far. Auggie is touring the school and is realizing some of the traits of some of the other students. Jack Will is kind of nice to him. He is telling him to not pay attention to Julian. Julian is not being nice to Auggie. He is asking Auggie what happened to his face. I think Julian is treatened by Auggie. That’s why Julian is being so mean to him. Charlotte is trying to welcome Auggie and be friendly to him. But I don’t think it’s working because she keeps talking about herself.