Book Recomendation

Book: The CandyMakers and The Great Chocolate Chase

Series: The CandyMakers

Author: Wendy Mass

Recommended by: Alice Nicassio

Can you imagine living in a candy factory and going on a trip where you have to find a type of chocolate no one will tell you where it is? In the Great Chocolate Chase, by Wendy Mass, four kids have to do exactly that! Logan lives in a candy factory and recently helped Philip make the Harmonicandy. He is on the chocolate chase. Daisy is a spy, she helped with the Harmonicandy too, but Logan, Philip and Miles know she is a spy. She is also on the chocolate chase. Philip is in a rich family and loves winning, he is the person who originally came up with the Harmonicandy. He is also in the chocolate chase. Miles is a regular boy who loves nature and learning things and he helped with the Harmonicandy too. Miles is also on the chocolate chase. These kids go on a road trip to find a certain type of chocolate that they used for the original Harmonicandy. Will they find it? Will they be able to successfully launch Harmonicandy into stores? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out!