All About Octopi

Hello. This post is dedicated to the octopus.

Octopuses have 3 hearts and they also have blue blood, they can shoot ink, they have “suckers” to help them do tasks. Octopuses have no bones, except a beak and a cartilage around their brain. They are cephalopods, which is in the mollusk family. They have 500, 000, 000 neurons. 2/3 of them are in its arms.



Sorry everybody, but I won’t be blogging much over the summer because I have sleep away camp from June 26th to July 9th, and then August 2nd to August 20th. Although there won’t be much posts, you can still have fun. Here are some suggestions to have fun during the summer.

1. Have a Fourth of July party

You don’t need to stay bored inside if it rains on your Fourth of July outside party. Just have it inside! You can have all sorts of games, grill things on a grill pan, and have your own indoor fireworks show with paper on top of straws!

If you have it outside, you can go swimming, catch fireflies, catch up with friends, and do everything you normally do at an outside Fourth of July party.

2. Geocatch

Geocatching is cool. You find a location near you, then try to find the hidden geocatching box. Then, you take the prizes and put in different things, and write your name down on the sheet and replace the box somewhere where the geocatching haters won’t find it.

3. Go to the pool

Going to the pool is fun. When you have your own pool it is even funner. My uncle has his own pool, and swimming with just my family and me is nice. They have a table which is nice because you can sit there with snacks after you are done swimming.

What do you think about these suggestions? Leave something you suggest in the comments. Bye!

Intro on Dragons: Race to the Edge

Hello. Dragons: Race to the Edge is a Netflix series that takes place between How to Train Your Dragon 1+2. There is classic people like Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, Stormfly, Snotlout, Hookfang, The Twins, Barf and Belch, Fishlegs, and Meatlug. Of course there is also Stoick, Hiccup’s dad, the chief of Berk. Stoick allows Hiccup to go on a quest to find other dragons, along with Fishlegs, Snotlout, the Twins, and Astrid. They build a place called Dragon’s Edge. They try to get dragons before Viggo Grimborn and the Dragon Hunters get them and kill them or manipulate them into getting money.

What do you think about Dragons: Race to the Edge? Put your review in the comments. Bye!

Steven Universe Character: Sapphire

Sapphire was made for Blue Diamond, and she was part of her court. Sapphire has future vision, and can fly.  When she is angry, she likes to be isolated. She has one eye, so she can see one fate, but Garnet, the fusion of Sapphire and Ruby, can see three fates, because Garnet has three eyes. In the episode called The Answer, Garnet tells Steven how she became a crystal gem.

Sapphire was assigned to three ruby guards. They were supposed to protect her. She met with Blue Diamond and told her the fate she saw. She said that there was going to be an attack by the rebels, and she along with two of her ruby guards would be broken, then, there would be no more rebellion.

The attack came soon after. Blue Diamond went away in her palanquin. The three ruby guards charged, and two of them were broken. The third ruby saw that Pearl was about to break Sapphire so she lunged, and accidentally fused with her. Everybody was shocked, including themselves, the rebels, and the Homeworld crew. Nobody had ever seen that. The attackers went away, and Garnet unfused. Blue Diamond’s punishment was for Ruby to be broken and shattered. Sapphire grabbed Ruby and fell gently to the Earth, and they hid there till they met Rose Quartz and Pearl.

Well, now you know all about Sapphire. See you at my next post, bye!

Kayaking Trip

Hi people of the world. We went kayaking Monday, on a field trip for physical education. It was fun. We went on two types of white water boats, recreational boats, and a stand up paddle board. We went swimming after. It was very relaxing! Overall, I had a good time, but the water was a little too cold! I had a good time and now I even know how to do a wet exit. A wet exit is when you put your nose to your knees and tip your boat over. At first I was scared about it, because once I almost drowned, but I was okay. Thanks for reading this post, bye!

Breakout EDU

Hello people! This post is going to be all about Breakout EDU. Breakout EDU is a puzzle game where you have to open a suitcase that has five locks. You get three hints. I was surprised when the group wasn’t working together. Everyone was shouting at each other and I didn’t even know what was happening! There were Hershey’s chocolate kisses inside the suitcase. We had to look for clues. I looked behind things, and I found the first one! We also had a black light as a tool, which was very helpful in getting the kisses. One change I would like to make is to add secret codes through color. That would be cool. I hope you liked this post. Bye!

Top 5 Meat Info

5. Shrimp

Best Restaurant to Get At: Sapori

Best in: Pasta

Type: Shellfish

4. Chicken

Best Restaurant to Get At:  Metro

Best In: Chicken Tenders

Type: Game Bird

3. Mussels

Best Restaurant to Get At: Sapori

Best In: Pasta

Type: Shellfish

2. Clams

Best Restaurant to Get At: Sapori

Best In: Pasta

Type: Shellfish

1. Beef

Best Restaurant to Get At: Metro

Best In: Hamburger

Type: Meat