Biography Projects: Google Slides

Google Slides: Chapters to Include: Introduction Early Life Call to Action Impact of Action on the World Why Was This Person Important to Me? Additional Slides: Title Page, Table of Contents, Glossary


4/25/2018 What struggles or social issues do you anticipate that characters may have in this novel? Which characters do you think are going to struggle?

Social Issues Book Clubs

Remember to utilize this chart from class when distinguishing Social Issues from Problems. Padlets: Bystander Donuthead The One and Only Ivan Bud, Not Buddy Loser Eggs

HW 2/5/18

Passion Project “DO” Math Workbook – check over pages 148-154. Circle any you do not understand and we will go over them tomorrow. Read 45 minutes

Tips for Conducting Online Research

Create search terms rather than asking long questions example Rather than: Is there a direct correlation between kindness and sustainability? Try: Kindness Leader, MLK and nature, Ghandi and nature Put your terms in quotes to get a more focused search example “kindness leader” This will narrow down your search by eliminating MANY sources Wikipedia is Read More…

Citing Sources for Research

Give credit where credit is due! It’s important to keep track of where you got your information so that: It’s easy to get back to that source if needed Others can use your research to further their own The original researcher gets credit for their work Where do I find the information I need in Read More…