Passion Project January- March 2018

Passion Projects:

For this Passion Project students will have more time to develop, research and create their ideas. The focus here is on the PROCESS and everything will be recorded in Google Slides. The process will be broken into 2 week segments as follows:

Weeks 1-2 (1/22-2/2): RESEARCH: Developing your Idea

  • Come up with a research topic
  • Use Google Slides as your notebook
  • Narrow down your topic by asking  questions and brainstorming ideas
  • Once you have settled on your refined topic develop specific questions to research
  • Decide how you will research your topic
    • Books
    • Internet
    • Interviews
    • Going on a site visit
    • Watching videos (cooking shows, sporting events…)
  • Begin research: Record all information in your Google Slides in organized structure. Include Diagrams and photos etc…


Weeks 3-4 (2/5-2/16): DO: Test out your idea

  • Possible ways to do this:
    • Build or create something
    • Interview an expert: record info, photograph, videotape
    • Go on a site visit and sketch, take photos


Weeks 5-6 (2/26-3/9): CREATE: Design your actual project

  • You need to choose one of the options we have discussed to present what you have learned using technology
    • Possible ideas include:
      • Ted Talks
      • Ignite
      • PSA (Public Service announcement)

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