Passion Project weeks 2 and 3: The “DO” portion

For the “Do” part of this project you will each need to “do” something related to your topic. 

During this “DO” portion the point is to take the knowledge they have and do something with it. This process will need to be recorded with photos, sketches, journal entries, videos etc… Some of the students will be cooking, building a model, creating art in the style of a particular artist, observing and taking notes on the behavior of 6 month old children, interviewing local actors or waitresses at their favorite restaurants. Students can interview, create, make phone calls to sites in order to find more information.

Creating and Conducting an Interview

Interview questions must be approved

You must make an appointment to interview people


Possible Site Visits for our topics taking pics, sketching, notes etc (be reasonable). You can also call many of these places with specific questions in mind and ask on the phone.

Basketball Hall of Fame

Recycling Center- Yonkers

Cooking Class

West Point


Shake Shack

Yankee Spring Training

Yankee Stadium


Art stores




Any theater

Train station – Scarsdale – Ticket Booth

Grand Central

Grocery stores


Sporting goods store

Ford Dealership



Day Care Center

Nature walk


Build, cook, make something


Lego structure

Model car

cook/bake a recipe

Go grocery shopping

Create a grocery list

Make a game

Make posters to hang around neighborhood


What do I do with the information I find?


Take notes

Video tape


Take photos


Take samples/brochure/business card/maps

This Information will be put into your slides and then used for your final project.

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