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  1. RF

    I think so far in the book that everyone still thinks they can get to Asia. For now they need to find gold but it will be hard for them because there is no gold they have been sending rocks to the virginia company but there has been no gold. They have had bad things have happened like one of the kids that came got killed in a attack. Also someone who came on the journey Capt Newport left on June 22-October and lots of men got sick or died it took so long in till Capt Newport came back they were running out of food they were eating meal worms and grains until he came back. When Capt Newport came back he brought women. There was a fire that burned down the dens and all their hard work and food. Native american tribe that are there friends that helped someone else who came on the journey Capt Smith not get killed came with gifts when they found out about the fire. But now there Chief Powaton their Chief thinks he is the English are over his rules. King James the English king is offering Chief Powaton gifts. He has to go to there town to get it king James is giving Chief Powaton crown but then King James can rule their tribe and Chief Powaton. When the English went over to tell Chief Powaton he was not there when they tell him the net they do not know how he will react.


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