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Basketball Tournament In Boston

Basketball Tournament In Boston

By Andrew


My basketball team and I went to Boston because we won most of our games during the regular season. All of the teams were from New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Some of the kids on my team didn’t think we would do good because the other teams were from three different states. We played our first game and blew them out, everyone on my team had a very good game everyone was very energized, everyone contributed into our win.

We won the second game too, we played a team that was a little better than us but we beat them by one with six seconds left we only won because we worked together and put in effort.

We played one more game and beat them by fifteen points we played a good game because we had a good night of rest the night before.

After all of the games we played I thought we were like the underdogs because we had won all of our other games but we didn’t think we were going to do good.

We made it to the championship game they had a very athletic player who could shoot from anywhere my team also had a very athletic player, but everyone was having a bad game and no one could guard the very athletic player. For example, we threw lazy passes, took bad shots, our point guards weren’t playing well either they weren’t protecting the ball. Everyone fell apart and no one could think about what they were doing. The other team won by twenty points, but they deserved to win because they just out worked us. In other words they worked harder than we did.

I felt upset that we lost but we did very well, but if we worked harder and if we weren’t so tired we could of won. I also felt very happy because even if we lost in the finals we still made it to the finals and won all of our other games.

Isaac Newton Biography

Isaac Newton was one of the most famous scientists. He was a physicist, mathematician and astronomer.  He was born in England in 1643. His father was a farmer who died right before he was born. His mother remarried when he was 3 years old and left him with his grandparents. At 17, he went to study at Cambridge University.  The school closed for two years because of the plague and Isaac Newton went back home and developed his theories. He returned to the school when it reopened and then became a Professor of Mathematics there.

He is best known for his universal law of gravitation and the 3 laws of motion which explains how and why things move. He is also one of the inventors of calculus, a kind of math and he  invented a new kind of telescope called the reflecting telescope. He worked at the Royal Mint in London and in 1703 was named the President of the Royal Society, an organization of scientists in London.  In 1705 he was knighted by Queen Anne. He died in 1727.




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