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Rube Goldberg #3

The most challenging parts were the jenga pieces and the pulley.  The jenga pieces kept falling down right before we were going to test the whole design.  Sometimes they would accidentally get knocked over when one of us reached across the board. Also they were knocked down when the train or the ball accidentally went down the tunnel when we hit the table. The pulley didn’t work all the time because sometimes the ball didn’t land in the cup because the aim was off. Also it many tries to figure out the perfect length of the string so the pulley actually worked.

Rube Goldberg Post #2

We worked in a group of four so it was hard to make a decision that everyone agreed on. To choose what we were going to do, we each said our own idea and then everyone voted on the idea they liked the best. The idea that had the most votes is the idea that we used in the project. Lets say the votes were two and two we debated on which idea was better to use and why.

Rube Goldberg Post #1

Testing the design was both exiting and frustrating.  It was exciting to see our ideas in action especially when the machine worked.  It was frustrating when a step didn’t work and we had to figure out how to fix it or when one of the steps we built fell apart.  One major design revision we made was to take out the kick-a-flick because we weren’t allowed to use it. Sometimes when we tested the marble run it fell apart so we had to put it back together.  Also the jenga pieces fell down a lot when we were setting up our other steps so we had to pick them up everyday 2-5 times.  We then had to change around the order of some steps.