Capstone #3

For capstone I’m researching Apple and I have to do a site visit and an interview. I interviewed an Apple Creative, named Francesca. An Apple Creative teaches lessons to people on how to use an iphone. Francesca was able to answer most of my subtopic questions, but I also changed the wording in some of the questions because I wanted them to make more sense for her. For example one of my subtopic questions is why do people buy Apple products over other brands. I changed the wording and I asked are apple products better than samsung products? Instead of why do people buy Apple products over other brands? She said apple products are better because you get the one-on-one connection with the apple employee who is helping you choose your device, and you can sample the device because it’s on display in the store. Also because Apple doesn’t come out with a device until everything about it is perfected. That’s why Apple comes out with a phone only once a year. Overall my interview was very good because I learned a lot of new facts about Apple.


  1. I’m curious as to why you changed your question? How did it change the information she gave you vs could have given you?

    1. I just changed the wording of the question so what I was saying would make more sense and so she would understand what I’m asking about Apple.

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