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Technology #9

After the circuit was put together I started to put the flashlight together. I had to drill holes into the pipe where the switch and where the lightbulb would pop out of the flashlight. After everything was put together and the flashlight worked I decorated it so I didn’t just look like a white piece of pipe shaped as an “L”. I colored the ends blue and then the tips of it red to make it red, white, and blue.

Technology #6

We had to make a switch that hooks up to a light bulb. For me making the switch was pretty easy it was just that I was cutting the cardboard that I was not cutting it right so it’s took me longer than needed. After I cut the cardboard correctly I put the switch together and tested it to see if it worked and it did.

Technology #5

I soldered my solder piece. I think that it came out well for my first time soldering. If I did this again I would try to not use as much solder. My solder piece looks like a bunch of lines connected to each other. It looks like that because I didn’t know what to design to do so I just drew lines. Overall I liked soldering.

Passion Project #4

After watching some videos about hydro dipping it helped me hydro dip better. When I did another phone case I was able to make a cool design and I was able to dip the case in the water in a short amount of time after spraying the paint. Overall I think that I did better on the second dip because I did research and got better at hydro dipping.

Here is my first try:

Here is my second try:

Which one do you like better?

Passion Project #3

I tried to hydro dip for the first time and I think it went pretty good. It was hard because I didn’t know to dip it but the paint still stuck to it. Some things that I need to work on is the amount of time I spend on picking the item up before I dip it and also where I should spray the paint. Overall I think it went well and to get better at it I should practice more and watch videos about it.

Here is a picture of my new phone case:

Technology #2

For the past few days we’ve been learning about atoms. Atoms are in every living thing. Atoms are made up of three things electrons, neutrons and protons. To be able to see the atoms in a grapefruit it would have to be the size of the earth. That’s so big! So far that’s what has been going on in technology.