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Week 3 Lima Beans

This is my no air plant after 3 weeks.

This is my controlled plant after 3 weeks

This is my no sunlight plant after 3 weeks.

Seeds can grow without soil but the plant doesn’t get the nutrients it needs from the soil.

No Sunlight

The no sunlight plant is unhealthy but it is growing really tall. If you are wondering why the plant is getting really tall? The answer is because it wants to get to find sunlight. If you want to compare the no sunlight to the controlled lima bean they are about the same height.  The different part is that the no sunlight is not as healthy. To me I think the no sunlight plant is doing in the middle because it is getting carbon dioxide but it’s not getting the sunlight for photosynthesis.

No Air

My no air plant is not good at all. The no air didn’t grow because the plant needs carbon dioxide to breathe and it did not get carbon dioxide. If you were going to compare the no air to the controlled ,the controlled is better because it has leaves and the top of the plant is coming out of the bag. To me I think the no air is doing the worst because it’s not getting the carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, but it is still getting the sunlight it needs.


My controlled plant is doing good. It’s getting the carbon dioxide and the sunlight the plant needs. It grew roots then root hairs then the stem then the leaves. To me the controlled plant is doing the best because it’s not unhealthy like the no sunlight or it’s not like the no air and it’s not getting carbon dioxide that’s why I think the controlled plant is doing the best.


As the plant started to grow it changed first it grew roots then the root hairs then the stem and then it started to grow leaves and now it’s a plant. In other words it was a seed then a seedling then a young plant then the final stage a mature plant.

Seed Pods


I learned that pollination is that when an insect takes pollen from one plant and puts onto another. When the two pollen grains mix it forms a seed. The seed grows in a pod with other seeds then the seed comes out and an animal or the wind takes to the seed somewhere it can start to grow and the process starts over again. If you were wondering how the animals gets attracted to the plant this is why, the plant grows beautiful petals and a has a good smell.


My Plant

We pollinated my plant and in the next few days the plant lost a lot of petals but then it grew seed pods. If you are wondering how the seed pods started to grow. The seed pods started to grow from the pollinating we did. We put the pollen from someone else’s plant onto ours and made the pod.


My Plant In The Next Few Days

I think next my plant will lose all the petals and it will die. Then we will have to take the seed pods off the dead plant.

Week 1 Of Plant Unit

On May 3rd we planted our controlled plant. We had to get the cells and put wicks in the cells then we planted. The controlled one was just like planting a regular plant we did not change anything. So there was just soil, seeds and ferdilizer  So you will just see a normal plant grow. On May 3rd we planted our manipulative plant, but before that we had to set up the cells just like we did before we planted the controlled. A manipulative is when you change one of the thing a regular plant uses to something else an example is to change the soil to coffee grinds. (just like I did.) Then you have to see what will happen. We also recorded what our plant looked like every day. Also we numbered the cells to know which one we were talking about when we recorded it. We have to water the plant every day to keep it healthy. We also put the plant under a light that we pretended was the sun.

My plants after one week


Week 2 Of Plant Unit

On monday when I got back to school I looked at my plant. Guess what I saw? I saw that the plants in cells 1,2,3 were drooping and the of the plants color turned to dark green. Then when we watered the plant we did a lot to try to keep it alive. Then the next day they came back to life. Then we realized that some plants were dead and we couldn’t do anything so we just took the dead plants out of the cells. Then the next day all the plants were healthy. All the plants had different heights. Cell 1 has a plant 7cm tall. Cell 2 has a plant that is 5cm tall. Cell 3 has a plant that is 5cm tall and another that is 3cm tall. The manipulated during week 1 and 2 only had the coffee grinds in the cells as the soil and nothing has happened. I don’t think the coffee grinds will even grow myself.

My plants after 2 weeks


Ms DeGrazia’s plant the no sunlight is growing but it isn’t really healthy. The leaves are yellow and the stem is white. At the beginning of the week the cells had the plants at the height of 3cm. Then later in the week the plants got taller and taller. The no sunlight has leaves but it doesn’t have flowers blooming like the controlled plant. Overall the plant is doing well.

Ms DeGrazia’s no sunlight plant after 2 weeks


Math Test Reflection

Today we finished the math test. It was really easy. Each day it only took me about 45 minutes not like  an hour and a half like I did on the ELA test. I liked the math test a lot more than the ELA test. My teacher still read the script and when she did it was really boring. A lot of the things we learned in class really helped with the problems on the test. The week before we took the test we took the 2015 and the 2016 math test so we knew what the test would be like. I liked the week of the test because we got extra recess also we had no homework! Each day I thought it didn’t get that much harder until the third day. When everyone finished in the class we got to use are chrome books. When the whole school was done we got to have snack then go out for recess.


Poetry reflection

If you were wondering what inspired me to write my poem, I chose to write my poem because sometimes my room is messy but not as messy as the messy room.. What inspired me was that I saw other poets write about messy rooms. Also, my room is messy sometimes. So I thought why can’t I write about a messy room. So that’s what I did.




Messy Room

By Andrew

The messy room has clothes on the floor.

Socks on the bed,

the bed has no sheets.

The beds sheets are very smelly.

The messy room even has wet underwear

on the doors.

All of the shirts are under the mattress.

And the mattress is off the bed frame,

and who knows where it is.

Bathing suits are wet,

and hanging on the window.

The window is open with no screen on it.

The screen for

the window got blown out to space.

Finally the boy realizes his room is MESSY!

So he cleans up his room.

It looks like a hotel room,

(that’s how clean it is!)

His room is not messy anymore.


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Book Of The Month

One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul is mostly about to get rid of plastic bags and reuse them for something else. My favorite part was when all the women made all of the plastic purses because they didn’t put them in the ocean or a landfill or something like that. This book reminded me of when I reused things with bash the trash and made instruments. The message of this book is to try and reuse things to make something new. I think that because they reused the plastic bags and made plastic purses. The book One Plastic Bag made me think that I should not use plastic bags anymore.

Image result for one plastic bag

The TED Talk is mostly about two girls cleaning up their home city. My favorite part was when they went on a food strike to get the mayor to meet with them. This TED Talk reminds me of the book One Plastic Bag. The message of the TED Talk is try to help your home city look clean. I think that because the people in the TED Talk cleaned up their home city. The girls campaign inspired me to try to do something big where I live.


ELA Test reflection

Today we finished the ELA test. It was my first time doing the test it wasn’t that hard or that easy. It was good in some ways and bad in other ways. It only took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to do the test each day. We had to take the test for three days in a row. Each day the test got a little harder. When my teacher read a script she sounded like a robot. One of the best parts of the week we took the test after everyone finished we got to go outside and have have a 25 minute extra recess. Another good part about the week we took the test we got to have no homework. Some days when people took the test it took them a long time so I had to wait for them to finish. On the days of the tests we didn’t have specials. When the tests were over I was kind of sad because there was no more extra recess and we had to start having homework again.

My moon unit reflection

For all the 28 days iv’e been studying the moon I learned a lot. It was so cool to look at the moon every night and see the different phases of the moon. Every night I looked at the moon it was always in a different phase. When I started there was barely anything in the sky but in the middle was the full moon then the new moon again. During the unit Ms Kiley taught me a lot about the moon. Here is a fact I know about the moon the moon gets craters from space rocks floating around in space and thats what makes craters on the moon.