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Math Test Reflection

Today we finished the math test. It was really easy. Each day it only took me about 45 minutes not like  an hour and a half like I did on the ELA test. I liked the math test a lot more than the ELA test. My teacher still read the script and when she did it was really boring. A lot of the things we learned in class really helped with the problems on the test. The week before we took the test we took the 2015 and the 2016 math test so we knew what the test would be like. I liked the week of the test because we got extra recess also we had no homework! Each day I thought it didn’t get that much harder until the third day. When everyone finished in the class we got to use are chrome books. When the whole school was done we got to have snack then go out for recess.


ELA Test reflection

Today we finished the ELA test. It was my first time doing the test it wasn’t that hard or that easy. It was good in some ways and bad in other ways. It only took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to do the test each day. We had to take the test for three days in a row. Each day the test got a little harder. When my teacher read a script she sounded like a robot. One of the best parts of the week we took the test after everyone finished we got to go outside and have have a 25 minute extra recess. Another good part about the week we took the test we got to have no homework. Some days when people took the test it took them a long time so I had to wait for them to finish. On the days of the tests we didn’t have specials. When the tests were over I was kind of sad because there was no more extra recess and we had to start having homework again.