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Colonial America Book Blog Post

The process of making my Colonial America book was: first I researched all about colonial times. Next I researched all about a blacksmith. After I had enough information on blacksmith I started to organize the information into my subtopics which are the tools that a blacksmith made, what tools the blacksmith used and the steps a blacksmith used to make things. After I organized my information I chose the information I would use in my chapter three. Then I would organize my information on index cards. After that I would start typing my Chapter 1. Then my Chapter 2 Then my Chapter 3. Then I would write the essay for Chapter 4. Then I would Type my Chapter 4 After I typed everything I added pictures.

The most challenging part of making the book was getting enough information so my book wasn’t to short and at the same time not to make it to long. Another part that was challenging for me was getting images because I didn’t have enough images to put in my book so I had to find more.

My favorite part of this book was writing my Chapter 3 because I got to make up my own characters name and what their personalities were like. My second favorite part of the book was researching for the subtopic what the blacksmith made because some of the things blacksmith made me surprised.

What I learned about myself as a reader, writer and a researcher was that I am good at researching and writing it down and then typing because I thought it would take me longer than it did.

If I did this again I would find more pictures than I did on this project because I didn’t have enough so I had to go back and find more pictures.

This is my Colonial America Book:

Colonial Day 2017

On December 15th 2017 4th grade had colonial day. The point of having colonial day was so that we could learn what it was like during the colonial times. In this piece of writing you will learn about what colonial day was like to me.

My favorite activity of colonial day was toys and games because we learned what games the colonial people played with. Also how they had very little amount of toys.

One thing that I learned about the colonial people is that they didn’t have machines to make anything and that they had to use a spinning wheel for example. Also that it took them hours and hours just to make one piece of clothing.

One thing I want to learn about the colonial times is that, why were the punishments in school have to embarrass the person who was getting punished.

Colonial times is different than now because back then they didn’t have cars. They only way of transportation was a horse and wagon. Also they didn’t have technology to play or do other things on it.









This image shows that colonial people had to make all of there clothes with a spinning wheel.


Image result for hornbook

This image shows that colonial people could only use a horn book in school not a notebook or anything like that.

Curiosity Project – Hurricanes

At the beginning of 4th grade we had to do a curiosity project. A curiosity project is a project about a topic that you know about or that you want to learn about.

We had to do some research but we also could use some of are knowledge.

I used Google Slides to present my Curiosity Project.

I chose the topic hurricanes because I knew a lot about hurricanes but, I wanted to learn more about hurricanes. I also thought hurricanes had some interesting parts and I wanted to find out what they were.


This is my Curiosity Project:

I hope you learned a lot about hurricanes and enjoyed my slideshow.