Electromagnets part two

Today at school we learned about  electromagnets. We wrapped the wire one quarter of the way around the bolt. We tested it and it wasn’t that strong. Next we wrapped the wire halfway on the bolt. We tested it. It was stronger than before, it held 6 paper clips. Next we wrapped the wire all the way up the bolt. We tested it and it worked. It picked up a lot of paperclips.  Electromagnets are a type of a magnet that need a battery and wire to make it a magnet. Electromagnets need electricity.

Questions I have are:1. how is a magnet made?  2.how else can you make a magnet?

Times Square

When it is dark in Times Square the lights are so pretty. I wish I still lived in New York City, but I love Scarsdale. It is the best. One time in Times Square, my dad pointed out that there was a man painting pictures. So we stopped and watched the pictures were pretty. And then people came over to watch and more people came to watch until it was crowded! The man looked happy because the people were delighted with his drawings so they were buying them. So he made this picture that I loved!!! It was the night sky, but we did not buy the picture. The people and the art are some reasons I love Times Square.

Another reason Times Square is special is because I loved all the site’s there. They are so pretty. When I go there I always see the M&M factory. And all the billboards. People from all over the world come to see Times Square.

There are not that many places that are like Times Square. And I love when me and my dad go walking back from the movies. Because we have to walk through Times Square tons of people with shopping bags and all the excitement in Times Square. I love Times Square.