Tech Blog Post: #9/Final 6th Grade Blog Post

It has been a great quarter. Having tech was so much fun! It might have even been my favorite quarterly. First, we leaned about adhesives, then mechanical engineering. For mechanical engineering, we ever built our own I-beam! Then, for simple machines, we built a catapult! Electricity was probably my favorite unit, though. We learned about atoms and how there electrons make electricity, and that fascinated me. Now with school ending, tech must come to an end.

It has been a great year. 6th grade has been one of the best experiences of my life. I came into middle school thinking it would be bad. I’m glad I was very wrong. The teachers were the best. They are not only some of the best teachers I have ever had, but also the best friends. Thank you, for a great year.

One thought on “Tech Blog Post: #9/Final 6th Grade Blog Post

  1. Hi Alex! I’m so glad that you enjoyed tech this quarter! Thank you for work so hard. Please stop by my classroom in September to say hello and enjoy the summer. You deserve it.

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