January 25

Free Write #1

I had a great winter vacation with my family! I love spending time with my family. It feels soothing. We went to the 8th star wars movie together, celebrated chanukah, christmas, and the new year. We were all very happy to be together. My grandmother didn’t come to our house for thanksgiving and my brother’s birthday so we all were happy to see her. My favorite present that I got was a lava lamp. My brother’s favorite present that he got was a garmin vivofit watch.(He got it from me.) A vivofit is a watch that tracks your steps, heart rate, calories, distance, time, date, and your step goal. Your step goal is when the vivofit sets a step goal of how many steps it wants you to take and once you take as many steps as it wants you to take and the step goal shows 0, then when you take more steps the step goal page will show a plus sign and the step goal page will keep increasing to show how many steps you exceeded your goal. I had a great winter break!