December 22

5th Grade So Far

So far, 5th grade has been filled with excitement, hard work, and tireless dedication to be able to do the best that you can. I have noticed a significant difference in how the level of focus that is needed to put into a project is so different. For example, in 4th grade, it more took muscle memory to remember specific calculations, more than the level of attention to deeply understand the broader concept of what was being taught. However, in 5th grade, I have noticed I really have to push myself to really think deeply about the calculations, but more about what is being taught. Eg. In math, when you are solving a problem that has to do with fractions, and you understand how to do the calculations, but you don’t really get what the broader lesson is. For example, if the teacher is teaching equivalent fractions, and you don’t get how the specific problem ties into the lesson. This kind of stuff I think happened to me in the beginning of the year, but when I pushed myself harder to deeply understand how the specific teachings ties into what we are learning, it really helped me be a better thinker. Mrs. Edwards does a great job with pushing us to really understand that. I really appreciate what she has done for me, and our whole class. She made me take responsibility, and understanding the concepts more seriously. I really am loving 5th grade so far!

December 1

Rocketry Unit/Presentation Reflection

Today,The Flying Savages and the Rampaging Rockets presented their presentations. Our group, The Flying Savages, were very nervous at first because of the parents attendance to the presentation. I think that our group worked really hard, and that hard work and dedication that was put towards this presentation really payed off. Despite the nervousness, I think that our our group, and our entire class all did really well. I think everyone felt that they were very natural presenters because of the practice that everyone put into this presentation. This really built our trust in each other, and also helped us experience what it is really like presenting to everyone. This experience will help us with collaboration, our presenting skills, and even in coping nervousness in the future. This wouldn’t have been possible without Mrs. Edwards, or Mr. Casal, because of their dedication towards them dedicating a majority of their daily time to help us with our presentations. I am really proud of are group, and the entire class on these successful presentations! Check our Rocketry Unit Overview, and Our Groups Presentation! (The Flying Savages)