January 18

My First Experience On The Rube Goldberg Project: (Blog Post #1)

The first day I started thinking about what the concept of my Rube Goldberg machine was going to be, I was just completely baffled because I never have had this kind of experience before, and it looked like to was way too complex for me. It took a lot of brainstorming to figure out a concept for my machine. I was thinking for and hour or two, and then I thought, “Maybe if I just start building a few random chain reactions I would gather the idea of how the steps respond to each other and create a simple task to be executed. I fiddled around with some old toys from when me and my little brother were little, and experimented some chain reactions. I started getting doubtful in my chances of succeeding in this entire project because I haven’t found anything at all to possibly use. (It now has been hours of me experimenting) I tried really concentrating, but I couldn’t find anything that could be the concept for my machine. Then, I remembered something from one of my grandfathers that is a professional physicist, and I remembered that he had taught me a few forms of chain reactions, and I then decided to experiment some of those. I was still baffled with what I was going to use, and then I came across an old metal Star Wars lunch box that I used to use, and thought, “Maybe I can use this to end my complex machine?” I then saw my brothers old car toy set, and thought, “Can I possibly use both of these to create a simple trapping scenario?” I decided that I could, and that trapping a little car inside of a metal Star Wars lunchbox was going to be my task. Now, all I had to do is figure out a way to complete the circuit. I had the ending, but not the middle, or the beginning. After that, I discovered some old dominoes and thought that I could use the dominoes to create a domino effect, that somehow ties into my end step. I fiddled around some more with old toys, and then I found my old Thomas The train set. We had so many of them, I mean sooooooo many! I asked my mom for some suggestions on the project designing and planning in, and we both came up with a new concept of hitting a train on an elevated set of tracks, which the train would roll down the tracks, and park in a small plastic tunnel, that is protected at the end by duct tape. Now I felt a lot more confident in my success. I felt like I had all of the pieces almost completed, and at the same time, it was going to take some deep experimenting and more planning to complete the sketch, or the plan in general. I felt like I had a little spark of hope for me to depend on to have any idea on how to get anywhere in this project. I now had something to use, and after a lift more time of planning and experimenting, I started to really figure out some more possibilities! I started drafting all of my ideas on a google doc, and then got somewhere!
So far, the project has been very stressful and hard, but after a lot of patience, it was a great experience for me! Despite all of the tough aspects of this project, I am loving it so far!

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1 thoughts on “My First Experience On The Rube Goldberg Project: (Blog Post #1)

  1. cwu25

    I think your blog post was very long and elaborative, and you included lots of detail. I can tell you put lots of thought in it, and I like your way to try then improve. Maybe you could of organized it more (added separate paragraphs), because it was really long and continuous. But, I really like how you added your thoughts and feelings into your post.


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