February 1

Blog Post #4

I haven’t been writing a lot of blog posts in a while because I have really been spending a lot of time thinking about my potential machine and how to compensate my bad Sketch in the first place with a better and more clear vision on how my project will commence in the proper way. I have been thinking about ways to do this and I decided to use the same method to make a new sketch for my planned contraption. Right now the sketch is in the past, because it was already due last Wednesday, so the reason why I am talking about this is because I wanted to cover the information that I have not told because of this delayed Blog post.
First I want to talk about my sketch and how I managed to compensate for all of that time that I consumed on a unsuccessful sketch. The sketch was really hard, because in my opinion if you wanted to have a successful sketch, you had to experiment all of the aspects on which you plan to use for your contraption. Another way to think about it is the tools that you have on your toolkit, but in order to use them the best possible way, it is best to experiment and test before randomly using your tools without a clear purpose on the way you want to use the tools. And without really changing a majority of your Sketch because if failures in the testing, you pretty much have to start off with a new idea, or pitch in the holes in your Sketch that you are uncertain about. For me, it was very time consuming because I kept experimenting with no luck, trying to find a layout that actually works for my sketch. I don’t want to try to imply a negative feeling, but I wanted p endorses why it was hard at least for me to come up with a sketch, ad simultaneity do the other requirements, especially the blog posts. Ok. Enough of that. Let’s get into reality and what is happening right now.
Right now, which is after I handed in my Sketch, the rest of the project is coming really easily because when I had a successful and clear sketch, my layout for the rest of the building/executing part was very simple and straightforward. And especially since I have done a lot of experimenting for my sketch, I have some of the building part down already. What I am trying to say is that now I have a good sketch, the rest of my project is going to be so easy, and not as hectic. The sketch was really the hard part of this project, far more than the execution aspect of the project. Now, all is left in my way is the blog posts!

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  1. cwu25

    You really described the concept of the sketch great, and you described your scenario well, too. Plus, I like how you said “Ok. Enough of that.” This blog post was strong, and you did a good job on it.


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