February 1

Blog Post #5

Today I have encountered many different things than I mentioned in my last blog post (4th). I have felt like the project is a lot more work than I expected. There have been some major changes that I have made to my plan, after my Sketch was due last Wednesday. I have felt like there wasn’t enough time for the Sketch to be completed, and since I had to rush to make a sketch, I didn’t have as much of the building and experimenting stages of the project to do so that I know if this or that step works or not. I initially had as successful plan that number one was way to simple, and number two, defininty to not have many fails. My sketch was very boring and not as exciting as I wanted it to be. Considering how exciting and risky I imagined my project to be in the beginning, has not came out as I expected, not meaning that the experimenting part of success or not, or how the project steps work as you anticipated go as planned. I mean that I was wanting my project to be very exciting and uplifting, compared to a very easy and basic layout, and how my project in terms of the building part, it unfolding. Me and my mom went to the Art Room, (where my Rube Goldberg is) and thought that in order for my project to be somewhat interesting, we needed to add some steps that would be very unique. I already had some other cool machines such as what I call the elevation machine using dominoes, but that is only one unique step that is more sophisticated, compared to a simple chain reaction such as a classic domino effect. Me and my mom were brainstorming what we should do for my project to be more exciting and interesting. We decided that after the first few steps, that we should add another step that is a little bit risky, but despite it being risky, would definitely be more exciting and be a better experience for the viewers when we share our videos on our Rube Goldberg project. This step involves a simultaneous effect by having one marble complete a very fancy inclined plane that will hit a little cube causing a domino effect, while the other does something (don’t want to tell what it is) to make the project a lot more exciting and interesting for the viewer. It would also bring more steps ot my project, which I had aimed for at least 10, but my sketch ended up to be 9. The number would go up, and it would be more entertaining and more unique. Why I keep saying this is because I deeply think that my project initially was very basic, short, and not very interesting. It looked like I didn’t spend that much time investigating on how to make the project how creativity and lots of thought behind the working aspect of the project, more specifically then the planning aspect of the project.
I really have encountered a lot of unexpected aspects of this project that I thought before were an obstacle that I would never bump into, but as I said before, in Rube Goldberg projects, nothing happens the way you encounter them to initially unfold. (Ok, maybe not nothing, but at least most of the project)

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  1. cwu25

    The great thing you did was make a step a secret, which makes you want to know what it is. But I feel like you always start with something from last blog post and state that. But your endings are great, I like the ending parentheses.


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