February 1

Reflections and feelings on the Project (Building ans mental aspects) (Blog Post #6

I have been really deeply working on my Rube Goldberg project, and I over a long course of time have finally succeeded. This blog post that I am writing is trying to push some of the aspects, or lessons that I have learned over the course of this projects duration. This project has taught me many different life lessons that I am very glad did. This blog post also covers my experience and thoughts after the project.
This project has taught me many different things. First, is has taught me to be patient, and to observe and to not over exaggerate from a problem, especially the mental ones, because his project initially made me very stressed. This project has taught me to be patient because of how stressful the project was. The reason why it made me so stressed is because of how a large portion of my plans didn’t even come close to turn out as I think they would. As I stated in the earlier blog posts, I think that one of the downsides of this project, specifically the way our teacher, Mrs. Edwards assigned it, is for our sketch to have a due date that is before the original project’s due date, in this case the movie reporting the project, and about your project itself. It is very reasonable to have the sketch due date assigned before the movie reporting the project, but I think that since I made countless changes compared to how my sketch stated the steps would be, it was very hard for me to “have the cement harden inside the ground structure of the building.” In other words, to have a layout before randomly trying to execute the project. I don’t want to make it seem like I am criticizing anyone, I just have a strong suggestion that I actually think is good for Mrs. Edwards to consider when she hands this project out to her next year of yet to come students. Anyways, the project has taught me persistence because of all of the stress in the project that I encountered. The persistence aspect of the project that has taught me really helped me improve my thoughts and actions in general because it taught me to not overreact to something that is stressful, or that gets in your way. It is like a physical obstacle, but not one that is meant to be avoided, rather one that is meant to be matched with the will of the mind.
This project has also taught me to handle/coupe all of my negative thoughts. It has helped me coupe them by simply testing my mental approach/strength with its intentions to annoy me. And believe me, this project did really annoy me. I really had to stay extremely positive and have a lot of motivation, or something that keeps me fueled that makes me feel like I have purpose, meaning a real reason to do what I am physically and mentally doing in the moment, not meaning because this project is an assignment, more of something that makes me feel like I am doing the project for a good reason, not because it is fun. Actually, I know this statement is really weird, but the motivation that I had mainly was from music. I would put my Beats on and start listening when I am doing the project. Surprisingly this didn’t minimize my concentration, it just made me have more energy and have a more positive approach in terms of my mental approach, which in general really helped me coupe the negative thoughts in this project.
Overall, this project has taught me a lot of things, but I only wanted to point out a couple of them, because then you would be reading 100 pages. I thought that these 2 aspects were the most important aspects/emotions that I encountered during this project. The reason that I love this a project is because it is fun, it inspires creativity, and really builds character and tests you in many ways. This project is one of the best and worst projects of all time! (It is bad because of all of the time it takes to complete, and how stressful it is)

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