March 4

My first coding experience using Tynker (Post #1)

Hello. My name is Aidan. My coding experience so far covering my two basic projects has been stressful, but at the same time enabled me to more deeply how really everything technology related operates, but obviously in a less sophisticated manner. My first project I did on Tynker, it was about when you touch an animal, it makes various songs. The instruction manual was very good by the means of how it really helped me with understanding the newly introduced coding language. It explained it in a very inspirational way, which encouraged me to continue to share my ideas by coding, and rally made me just feel good about coding. The stressful part was troubleshooting the problems that I encountered a lot of times. I became very addicted with making it so perfect that it was too time consuming, but the good thing is that I was very determined to complete my goal.
In general, my first project was really nice because the way I was introduced to the coding language, and the determination that evolved from Tynker to complete my goal. So far I am loving this coding experience with Tynker!

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