March 15

Ignite presentation reflection

I think that my ignite presentation was very descriptive,and the presence of me was very good in terms of how I spoke. I was very nervous, but looking back I didn’t look nervous at all. I felt like I showed some natural presenting skills and the general style was very constant, and kept the viewers interested. I also think that the hard work paid off. I am used to presenting and speaking in front of a lot of other people, I was able to use that statistical standpoint to my advantage, especially because i just imagined that the audience was not their. In the Keynote presentation that  did to my family over Christmas break, I was presenting in front of more people than this cass, and I realized that it was the experience of learning for the audience, and their was really nothing to be worried about because the people that are watching are here to learn, and by presenting an interesting topic, they will enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if you mess up a little bit, because the audience has no idea on hat commentign looks like. Anyways, I have had a t of experience presenting in front of large audiences, (even in piano recitals!) and that has made me less nervous, and especially because realizing that the audience is on your side. Despite all that I think that I did well, their were a few aspects that I could improve on for the future, such as:

  • Incorporating the audience in the presentations to make it more interesting
  • Smoother transitions (just timewise, because I kept talking when I planned to say the content on the next slide)

Generally speaking, I think that I did a good job because I sowed some natural presenting skills,a and I also really worked hard, which payed off well. Here is my video, and the comments for my Ignite presentation, and also the feedback that I got from my classmates. Check it out:


This is the feedback that Ignite for my Ignite Presentation;

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