March 25

Blog Post #4-my last coding project and my general experience during the coding project

The last project for my coding project that I mad 4 is simply called the ping game. I chose this name because the objective is to using your mouse, to be able to use the green bar to control the ling pong ball, and not let the ping pong ball touch the ground. I called it the pong game because the general objective was related to the nae, “pong”. Anyways, there was a lto of elaboration in the form of coding implanted into this game. First, I used a asic Scratch guideline to help clearly direct the position that I desired to follow so tba i would have a clear objective on how I wanted to move forward with this game.

Then, I decided to put some other aspects in the game such as airplanes, and also have the bar that you use to keep the ball from hitting the lava so that you don’t die and then I made a health bar for the bar. The objective is that you have to avoid the enemies, and avoid the enemies 20 times, before you lose all of your health and you lose the entire game. There was some more advanced coding, but this blog post is more reflecting on how over the course of time, I was able to do more exciting and more sophisticated projects, because in general when I started this project I don’t know how to code.

I generally feel good because how I have progressed through a large and fancy timeline, which really helped me in general be a better coder, and how technology and Software engineering generally relates to our world and more explicitly and clearly in the future. In general this project was sometimes origin because of how time consuming it was, but in general all of the work paid off because it was another big aspect of the technological word, which generally speaking I love when it is related to Apple. I have had a great experience during this coding project. Here is the embedded game link:

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