March 25

Post #2-How my second project on Scratch further enabled me to express me creativity and innovation

The second project that I did, I did using Scratch. Scratch for me was really impressive by the means of how it enabled me to express creativity and iteration. Their were a couple of things that I did not like about Tynker, which include some of the toggles not being able to access on them user’s perspective. That included a few toggles that you bring into the coding sequence that is good to have in your toolbox to refer to, such as the voice responding system toggle that their is in Scratch. Scratch was very good because it enabled games like an automated system to talk to you. Anyways, I was more impressed with the performance of Scratch and that enabled me to make a better project in general. I made a Scratch game that was where you could move a character, and the character who is a cat can shoot a ball to intercept another ball consistently firing randomly with the goal of minimizing your hp (hit points) to zero. When your hp is at zero, you lose the game. The goal s to minimize the ball’s hp to zero, then you win. It is a fairly simple game that required some basic coding, but the conceptual standpoint of this specific game really helped me understand some of the more basic concepts of coding, which later on will definitely help me to know.

I think that I learned how to differentiate what is right and wrong by experimenting a basic concept, and that enabled me to be more accurate with troubleshooting and have a better understanding of the coding language in general. This gamed helped mefeel more confident in the coding language and how that is going to make me better at understanding general aspects in life, even outside of coding.

Here is the project:


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3 thoughts on “Post #2-How my second project on Scratch further enabled me to express me creativity and innovation

  1. adickstein25

    I like how you compared your experience with Scratch and your experience with Tynker. I like how at the end you added a paragraph that said your overall experiance with making this Scratch project experience.

  2. aakbarian25

    I really liked your blog post and game! Your blog post really included all the information it needed including your thoughts about scratch and tynker. I thought your game was super fun! It was super challenging and I can’t even imagine how challenging it was to make it.


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