March 25

Post #3-Getting more advanced with Tynker

My third coding project was on Tynker, called the Platformer game. I decided to make it using the fundamentals of what Tynker provides, and then experiment and create further. Because of how Tynker conceptually layed out the project, I had an easy time interpreting which blocks to use, but also more importantly, not having to gave Tynker come down to its disadvantage by not having a couple of desired toggles for the user. What I mean by that is because earlier in my Tynker experience their were a couple of fundamental blocks that Tynker lacked that Scratch had, or didn’t lack. That generally in the coding language make it easier to access understanding of how to code. This made it easier for me to follow the guidelines without having to worry about a specific toggle not being their. It had some code in the start front he Tynker fundamental structures, but then I experimented and customized the game so that it would be more authentic, and interesting at the same time, which generally I think made the book interesting.
Anyways, generally using the same principles that Tynker provides and now that I am expanding my knowledge of the coding language has now enabled me to create more authentic and interesting games at the same time. This blog post was short, but I think that it will get the message pretty clearly to the reader. Here is the game:


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  1. adickstein25

    I like how you added what was easy for you and why it was easier. I think that you could’ve added indevidual paragraphs instead of one big one.


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